I’m David Barnard, a UK-based professional musician (pianist) with 20+ years of industry experience.

DAB ||: Music emerged in 2022 as I returned to the UK after eight years in the Southern Hemisphere. I wanted to bring my strong pedigree, leadership training and entrepreneurial skills together in one place, to create something new.

I see the value in cross-discipline work and the unlimited synergies that this can spark. This has lead me to re think how we approach our learning ethos and how we engage our audiences.

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Photo Credit: Craig Marston, Sheffield, 2022.

Picture of David Barnard

Meet The Team

Wendy Nutton
– Social Media & Design

Illustrator, Wendy, brings experience in education, art, design, music performance and business. A seasoned chorister, Wendy promotes community activities across a wide-ranging demographic around the UK.

Her book Carbis Days is full of beautiful watercolour images and has been received widely around the UK. More info about Wendy’s work on her Facebook page below.

John Highfield
– PR

An exceptional, elegant writer, John draws on 30 years of interviewing, editing, promotion and insight into many areas of business, the creative arts industry and the printed and online media.

John has worked alongside many renowned and high-profile creatives, nationally and internationally and across a huge scope and diverse area of interests.

Link to PR website

Craig Marston
– Photography/Images

With early career experience as a professional photographer serving in the RAF, Craig returned to civilian life as a corporate PR photographer.

He is also involved with several non-profit community projects across South Yorkshire.

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